Christmas gifts for DJ’s 2014

Christmas gifts for DJ’s 2014

Here's our list of the top 10 most desirable gifts for DJ's or Producers London Sound Academy Gift Voucher - £80-£249 The ultimate gift for anyone interested in starting out or improving on their...Read More »

Pioneer introduce the new XDJ-1000

Pioneer have announced the release of their XDJ-1000 for use exclusively with USB devices


 The Pioneer XDJ-1000 Multiplayer is a digitally focused, rekordbox compatible, USB-only player featuring a 7-inch full colour touch screen. Playable media now includes iPhone/iPod touch, Android phones etc USB storage devices and computers. 

Some of the features from the CDJ's are still there and Pioneer have included some great sounding all new ones too!

NEW! TOUCH SCREEN - The display is now a 7″ full-colour touchscreen

NEW!  BROWSING - an on-screen Qwerty keyboard for browsing tracks which could potentially make things a lot faster

NEW! BEAT JUMP - Enables DJs to jump backwards or forwards 1,2 or 4 beats from the current playback position.Professional Features

NEW! LOOP MOVE - After DJs have created a loop, they can navigate 1,2 or 4 beats backwards or forwards through the loop.Auto loops and cuesDJs can instantly trigger loops and cues they’ve prepared in rekordbox.

BEAT SYNC - Looks at the rekordbox beat grids, on up to four connected players, and snaps them to the beat of the master deck.

SLIP MODE - Silently continues track playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and brings the music back at the right point when the DJ exits the performance.

NEEDLE SEARCH - Lets DJs slide their finger along the ribbon to intuitively access any point in the track, just like with vinyl.

While Pioneer have already released digital DJ systems & Midi controllers, this looks and seems like a big step in the right direction. More and more people are turning up to play gigs with just a pair USB sticks in their back pockets. The XDJ-1000's look far more professional than any Midi controllers I have seen and you have the bonus of not having to use your laptop alongside them.

Check out the official introduction with Pedestrian at the controls

Get your ashes pressed to Vinyl

For the small price of £3000 you can now have you pressed to vinyl!

The aptly named And Vinyly have began pressing vinyl with the ashes of cremated loved ones added into the mix. They offer a full package of the vinyl containing the ashes, pressing whatever recording you would like pressed to the vinyl, album artwork (also containing the ash), and applying pre-selected backings to your voice recordings.

A basic cover is included with the initial price with the letters R.I.V (rest in vinyl), your date of birth and your date of death printed on the front. The album artwork comes at an extra cost of £3500 per painting for which the artist will produce a canvas print, painted with the ashes you provided, which can be done up from a photo or you can arrange a "one hour pre-death sitting."

Do you think this is something that will catch on?

I can imagine, one day in the future, logging onto discogs and seeing a vinyl pressing of 'Flat Beat' Selling for £1,000,000 containing pieces of Mr Oizo.

And Vinyly's Grim Reaper

Pet ashes also accepted and cut at the same price as human.

Data Transmission Features LSA tutor Symmetry

A fresh new podcast has been featured on Data Transmissions blog from DJ, producer & LSA tutor Symmetry (Erin)

Head over to Data Transmission for the tracklist & to read the Q&A. The mix features tracks from the likes of LFO, Aphex Twin & Bicep as well as a number of his own productions.

Erin is our leading Ableton tutor, he possesses the skills and knowledge that can help you to transform your tracks into high quality, professional productions that will stand out in any mix. To book in specialist Ableton tuition with Erin feel free to contact us at any time.

Check out/purchase his most recent EP "Night Rhythm's 3" on Beatport which contains the track Delay Modulation that featured in this mix

Symmetry Press Shot

LSA Spotlight: Chloé Fontaine

LSA Spotlight returns to interview one of our most celebrated super-star DJ clients Chloé Fontaine for some expert advice for young female DJ's trying to break into the scene...


LSA: Tell us about how you first fell into the world of clubbing and DJ'ing. Did you always want to be a DJ?

Chloé: Well I trained as an actress at Drama School and I worked in clubs to support myself in-between jobs. It wasn't until later on when I was radio presenting and people started to try and book me to DJ that I thought it just seemed the next move. I never even thought about DJ'ing before but I was massively into music.

LSA: What have been your best moments to date?

Chloé: Bushwacka asking me to send him my first ever track I produced as he wanted to take it to the Miami Music Conference. I also played at a Festival this year and they had their first dance tent and I was asked to headline.

LSA: Do you think female DJ's are under-represented in the industry, if so why do you think that is?

Chloé: I think the last few years has seen many new female DJs breakthrough and this once male dominated industry now sees the likes of many great females on line ups across the Globe. I also think talent shines through doesn't matter if you are male or female.

LSA: As a female DJ do you sometimes experience sexism in the industry?

Chloé: The first pair of decks I bought kept having an error code on them …. I took them back to the shop and the guy said "You sure you know how to use them love?" It was the first of many sexist comments! I lent over the counter and said "I expect these fixed within a week and I'd like 20 % discount on future products for you disgusting sexist remark!" To this day they still give me a discount!  Boys love a bit of banter so I give it back!

LSA: Do you have any advice for aspiring young female DJ's?

Chloé: Have confidence, learn your trade and remember no two DJs are the same so don't be afraid to be different. Think about your marketing and how you want to be perceived. I often get mixes sent to me from girls in bikinis which is often a distraction from their musical talent or lack thereof! LSA: What advice can you give to new DJ's who are looking to get their first gigs?  Chloé: Help each other out! Offer to play for free as a warm up DJ. Look for local venues to start from.  Radio is a great way of getting your sound heard. Don't be afraid to ask! Most of the girls that played for my night were people that sent me their mixes!

LSA: Where can we find out more, send us a link ting!




A new DJ duo formed from two LSA graduate DJ's has been getting a lot of attention lately with regular appearances at Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Qube, Egg and a roll-call of other venues around the city. We've caught up with them to find out more and to ask them about how their experience at LSA spring-boarded their DJ careers. 

6ft Short by Thomas Hensher

6ftShort Performing for Pukka Up vs LSA Thames Boat Party 2014 © Thomashensher.com

LSA - Tell us about 6f Short and where the name came from.

6ft Short is the name of our DJ due. We're both guys in our early 20's, both graduates of London Sound Academy and also Love United Residents. We also sometimes DJ apart under our names Lewis Thatcher and Danny Rhys. The name came from a private joke between us about our heights when performing which then became catchy and eventually stuck.

LSA - When did you guys start learning how to DJ at LSA and were you total beginners or did you have some experience?

D: I started attending LSA in the summer of 2013 motivated to pursue a dream in learning to DJ. Before attending LSA I had bought a Numark Mixtrack Pro Controller in which I started to pick up some of the basics, but needed to progress and had no idea how to do it, so LSA was the answer.
L: I went to LSA with no experience at all i went to my first rave early at the end of summer 2013 which triggered my desire for becoming a DJ. I jokingly turned to the group of friends i went with half way through the night and said i was going to become a DJ, i then went out to find a Dj'ing school or tutor as i had no knowledge about it at all and after looking around i spoke to a friend of mine that recommended LSA so contacted them and started lessons with there a month or two later.

LSA - How was your experience at LSA and what did you think of the tuition?

D: LSA were great in every aspect. My Tutors Buster Bennett and Erin Davies actually cared in my progress and how I could further my skills. LSA went that extra mile outside of the studio and in, regularly checking how I was getting along with what they had taught me. LSA had boosted my confidence and opened many doors which led to bigger and better things. The whole LSA team were so easy to get along with and made me feel comfortable in the studio.
L: I couldn't fault LSA in in anyway the whole team there are in a league of their own when it comes to knowledge and helping students. My tutor Buster I owe so much credit to as not only did he get me to where I am today with the skills he taught me but they gave use the chance to DJ at some of the biggest clubs in the capital!

LSA - Tell us what you've achieved since your course and where you've DJ'ed to date…
D: Since being with LSA I have had the opportunities to play and perform in some of the UK’s biggest clubs: Ministry of Sound, Pacha London, Egg London, Pukka Up boat parties, the QUBE Project and numerous smaller venues. I currently have my own show on ExposedBeats.com Radio station every Thursday which I have full control of the music that I play.

L: Since completing the course with LSA I've managed to play some truly awesome clubs just a few to mention being Ministry of Sound, Qube Project, Pacha London, Egg London, Buddha Lounge Essex. Not only has LSA managed to get me into these awesome places but it also got me recognised in a feature for Noctis Magazine and also I've recently hooked up with Rich and Reckless clothing where i'll be featured on their website and be wearing their clothing to a lot of my future events and photo-shoots check out RichandReckless.co.uk in the next few months to see what were about.
LSA - What type of music do you play?
We both play a mixture of music but it all depends on what club or event were playing for, I'd say for the the time we've been together as 6ft Short we've played mainly Deep/Tech House, Nu disco or Indie dance but both of us have played events where we've been asked to play Garage, Electro/Progressive House and other genres.
LSA - Have you started production yet?
D: Learning to produce is underway and making progress.
L: Yes I'm still in the early stages of producing and am roughly half way through making my first track but looking forward to getting it finished and other projects started so i can play my own material out in clubs and progress as and DJ/Producer
LSA - What have been your favourite moments so far?
D: My personal Favourite moments so far is when 6FtShort rocked the Pukka Up Ibiza Boat Party organised by LSA! The set went down really well and we filled the dance floor, I think its safe to say i’ll remember that moment forever!
L: I'd agree with Danny the Ibiza reunion party on the Thames was such an awesome night it seemed to feel relatively quiet at first i remember stepping up into the booth and mixing in our first track and looking up to see the dance floor fairly empty, Danny then mixed into my track and as i was searching for my next song looked up and in the matter of a few minutes the room had filled out front to back and continued to fill the way through our set.....was such an awesome vibe and feeling to see/be a part of.
LSA - Have you got any gigs coming up you'd like to plug?
D: 6FtShort will be performing at three Love United events coming up this month 7th-Egg London, 8th-The QUBE Project and 21st-Egg London for DJ MAG (which I’m so excited about). 6FtShort are also making a debut at Lightbox on the 20th December for the Official Afterparty of new brand ‘K3PT’ and Exposed Beats.

LSA - Where can we find out more about you guys?

These are our personal links, We are going to be launching  6FtShort Facebook, soundcloud, mixcloud, resident advisor and twitter pages very soon but just haven't had the time to recently but keep an eye out for 6ft Short as we will have them live shortly!!
    Twitter- @dannyrhysdj



On the 21st of November London Sound Academy will be co-hosting Egg alongside the mighty DJ Mag for 1st part of their DJ mag session weekends.

The lineup supplied by DJ mag includes Get Physical owners M.A.N.D.Y. Who will fly in to headline the Terrace, with its monstrous Flipside soundsystem, alongside Ian Pooley and Daniel Steinberg, while Drums of Death, Applebottom and Mia Dora battle it out alongside the DJ Mag Allstars downstairs.

Alongside all of these festivities London Sound Academy will be bringing you the freshest crop of new DJ's and artists coming out of our London based DJ school including 6ft Short, ASPARD and Derick P B2B, MystikVybe, Dan Moser, Mark Dando, Clothier and Conor Mills & Alfie Taylor playing back to back.

This is going to be a jam packed night and is already one of the most spoken about nights of November. You can buy your tickets off of one of the DJ's or drop us a message HERE

Check out some videos of our previous nights here:



LSA Graduate DJ’s at Egg London



London Sound Academy at Egg November 7th 2014

London Sound Academy returns to Egg London to host the loft with our in-house event brand 'Love United.' Seven expert graduate DJ's will hit the decks spinning tracks from deep melodic house to pumped up techno and beyond! Headlining the room will be Joy Zheng who recently played her debut DJ set for DJ Mag in the VIP section of Global Gathering! Certainly an amazing start to anyone DJ career! Lewis Thatcher, a regular for Love United will follow-up in typical dance-floor destroyer style! Ollie James, who recently played an amazing closing set for the last ever Pure Pacha will be back also. Brien McMahon & Alex Tornado who played the first Love United loft at Egg in September will make a return alongside Readie and Ben Miller, both new-comers to the event. The whole event will be filmed by our amazing videographer too!

Limited tickets at £15 are available for purchase directly from LSA, please contact us for more information, table bookings are also available.

LSA at Ministry of Sound


London Sound Academy at Ministry of Sound


London Sound Academy's own brand of events designed for graduate DJ's to gain experience playing in big clubs is back at Ministry of Sound this coming Saturday the 18th of October! We have limited tickets available for just £15, contact us to get one. If you would like to DJ at Ministry, Pacha, Qube, Egg and more enrol on a course of DJ'ing at LSA!

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