Elder DJs Say It’s Never Too Late To Learn!

Respect your elder DJs, they are wise and have probably partied harder than you!

Age is no restriction to DJing. Young or old, there has never been a better time to get into electronic music. At LSA we have always supported all age groups and so far our youngest students have been six and the eldest 69. We often find that elder DJs love their newly learnt skills and as recent graduate Sue Hahn will tell you, they also love all the new friends and social activities that come along with it!


Meet The New Old Skool

Elder DJ's have been hitting the headlines recently, and female DJ's are taking the lead. Ruth Flowers, Sumiko Iwamuro and our very own Soosee Cue, aka Sue Hahn, who's just been featured by Yours Magazine!

Elder Djs

LSA Graduate Soosee Cue aka Sue Hahn as featured in Yours Magazine


Ruth Flowers is a DJ & Producer in her 70's originating from England but living in France. She shot to fame in 2006 after extensive worldwide press coverage. Her unique fashion style and her mash-ups of old and new music were a refreshing change! I remember trying to book her back in the naughties and the price was £5k and then expenses for her, and her entourage!

Elder Djs

Ruth Flowers - Techno & Rock DJ

Sumiko Iwamuro aka DJ Sumirock, a Japanese dumpling maker come DJ became an internet sensation in the past month too. She's in her 80s and works full time in her own restaurant and also DJs in the night time!

Elder DJs

Sumiko Iwamuro - Techno DJ

And it makes perfect sense, why would you not engage is music at any age! Music can enrich your life and give you a creative outlet. Electronic music, DJing, in particular, is the most accessible and fun way of getting into the music world, both creatively and socially! So, if you're thinking of taking the plunge we say go for it!  Book a lesson or a course at London Sound Academy today and you'll find a welcoming family of DJs and producers who will respect you irrespective of your age. Elder DJs, younger DJs... You're all welcome at LSA.


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ONE COMMENT ON THIS POST To “Elder DJs Say It’s Never Too Late To Learn!”

  1. Francesca May 8, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    This is such a great and inspiring blog post. It’s so true that some people get an idea in their head of what a DJ should look like and act like. In reality, DJs are all different in their own ways. All that is required to be a DJ is talent and a passion for music. Thanks for sharing!

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