Mixmag DJ Competition – Two LSA Graduates reach the Top 10!

Coors and Mixmag DJ Competition

The recent Coors lager and Mixmag DJ Competition had over 700 DJs battling it out to be hailed the winner of DJ Quest. We're incredibly proud to report that two LSA graduates reached the top 10 in 2017's competition! Congratulations to Nick Burdick from LSA and Dan Moore from our Birmingham branch, DJ Gym!


Mixmag DJ Competition


As part of the top 10, Dan and Nick were invited to DJ in the Coors Ice Cave Rave finals in Manchester to battle it out for first place, and the chance to DJ for Mixmag's Mixlab in London.

Meet the finalists...

Mixmag DJ Competition Finalist - Nick Burdick

Nick Burdick, aka KidCut, studied DJing and Music Production in our London studios for the last four years. He's no stranger when it comes to winning DJ contests and had previously won the Brighton Music Conference DJ Competition in 2016. You can also hear Nick's debut track 'Back To Church' on London Sound Academy - Volume One, our first compilation of LSA students tracks! Here's how Nick planned for the DJ Quest finals.

“I completely reworked my 30-minute set. I didn’t want to give them what they had heard in the demo so I mixed it up a bit and went for more of a party House vibe, I was aiming for ‘Elrow on Ice’.  I produced a load of custom acappellas for the gig and even recorded my own ‘Ice Cave Rave Repeat’ one that the crowd went bananas for.  It was so much fun.  The crowd were loving it as much as I was! I knew if I pulled out something special I had a chance of making it to the final.  I submitted a demo with a mixture of House and Disco on a bit of a Gerd Janson tip, I really like his style. Selection wise I went for vocal tracks people would know, ‘Ice Ice Baby’ was an obvious choice!


Click here to follow Nicks' progress here on his Facebook Page

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Click here to his latest single 'Back to Church' on the LSA Compilation here on Beatport.com 


Mixmag DJ Competition Finalist - Dan Moore

Dan Moore, who studied in our Birmingham branch, DJ Gym said "Definitely one of my favourite and most surreal sets to this day, loved the crowd and getting to play in the final was a treat, bringing fire to the ice cave went down better than I thought 😂"

Dan, a regular DJ on the Birmingham scene is now working towards starting his music production course and taking his DJ career to the next level.

Click here to follow Dans progress on his Facebook Page

Click here to listen to Dans mixes here on his Soundcloud Page



The winners have yet to be announced but LSA graduates everywhere can rest assured that the skills that they are picking up at our school will put them in good stead for when the next DJ competition rears its head.
Nick said, "I’m really pleased having come in the top 12 out of 700, even though I wasn’t one of the overall winners, it was a fantastic experience and I’ve learned a lot from it.  I celebrated by re-playing my competition set at the LSA album launch at Egg in a packed Basement room.  It’s motivated me to stay on top of my DJing as well as production skills, the next competition is probably just around the corner.
“My top tip to someone entering a DJ competition would be ‘it’s all about the intro'. Hit them straight away with something left field and unexpected.  I normally start with a seemingly out of place vocal sample or a snippet from a radio show or a bit of classical music, then I work out how to mix in my first tune with some sort of effect and go from there."

If you would like to learn to DJ why not start by enrolling on the Beginner DJ Module at London Sound Academy. Just contact us for more information.

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